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Wakulima Tea Company Ltd, incorporated in August 2000, is a joint venture between Tanzania Tea packers (TATEPA) AND Rungwe Busekelo Tea Cooperative Joint Enterprise (RUBUTCO-JE).

The Company was formed primarily with the mission of taking over the business of former Tanzania Tea Authority (T.T.A.)-Rungwe Branch; which before then was a parastatal organization. TATEPA owns 70% and RUBUTCO-JE has 30% of the Company share capital.

Our Varieties

At Wakulima Tea Company LTD (WATCO), we strive to produce quality varieties. WATCO is  a grower, processor, and seller of tea for local and export markets.

Organically Sourced.
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At inception in October 2000, rehabilitation of the old Factory machinery was carried out, just to keep tea harvest going. Export of made tea through Mombasa auction began in July 2001 when quality to our teas had tremendous improvement.

Importation of new Factory machinery began after mid-2001. Installation was completed in early 2002. The third new processing line; troughs, panels, boiler were completed; its installation in mid – 2004, after realizing increase of green leaf from tea farmer. This move improved the quality of made tea. 

In the move to increase and supplement Greenleaf from farmers; the Company acquired 308 hectors – tea Estate (i.e. Rungwe & Kyimbila Estate) from Tukuyu Tea Estate in 2003. Estates contribute 10% to 15% of green leaf intake and the rest is supplied by out growers.

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